Excessive Use Of Cell Phones – How to reduce their Impacts On Kids!

In this century, the most sophisticated and powerful networking system is the mobile phone. Not only businessmen or highly skilled people use smartphones but people from all sorts of socioeconomic backgrounds today have a cell phone in their hands. People across all age groups are now addicted to the use of smartphones. However, children are the most vulnerable category to have severe side effects of using smartphones.

A new research study reveals that even without any proper instructions, children are really able to use mobile phones for various purposes. While mobile phones are an efficient mode of communication and have become a very useful tool for online schooling and education during the Covid -19 pandemic, it is a well-known fact that if overused, it often has detrimental side effects on our health. Mobile phones emit radiation, which affects the body in different forms.

Adverse effects of mobile phone usage in kids :

Children today are growing up in a radio-frequency world that has never existed before in human history. Radiation from smartphones can adversely affect children. Some include:

  1. Affects your Immunity Status: Cell phones after used for a full day contain many germs on the display screen which are not visible through naked eye. Their number is so high that you would be surprised to know that your toilet seat contains less number of germs than the germs found on your mobile screen. These germs are quickly transmitted to your body when you often touch or use them to communicate next to your ears. This raises the chance of germ infection and reduces the immune ability, since children do not have a fully developed immune system in their early life.
  2. Increase Risk of Chronic Pains: Prolonged use of cell phones for playing games or texting involves constant movement of hands that, in the long term, may cause permanent pain in the joints of your children's hands and shoulders.
  3. Vision Problem: Playing games in smartphones for longer duration of time puts pressure on your eyes. Also due to increased interest and attraction towards the game, dryness of the conjunctiva occurs leading to the increase in ocular tension.
  4. Through usage of smart phones children may be exposed to age inappropriate online contents which can affect their emotions negatively and increase their stress level.

Mobile Phone Safety for Kids:

As a parent, you must take protective action to limit your child's vulnerability to the adverse consequences of cell phones. These include:

  1. Children brain is very much sensitive to withstand the effects of mobile radiation. Do not give your kid their personal smart phones to use until they attain 18 years of age.
  2. If your child is insisting to use your phone to hear songs or watch videos, make sure that they do not keep the phone near to their head. And also educate them to use a headset.
  3. Educate your child not to use mobile phones in buses, trains, cars, and elevators. Also do not use cell phone when the signal is weak. The mobile phone has to work harder to get the signal out through the metal, which affects the health of the child.
  4. As a parent, you should take care of your habit to minimize the use of phones near your child.
  5. Do not leave mobile phones in your children's bedroom at night.
  6. Do not let children take mobile phones to school.
  7. Set a time limit for use of mobile phones and define the purpose for which they are using it.
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