July 19, 2021

Screen time in children- How much is safe ?

Although television, smart phones, internet, and video games will keep your child occupied for an infinite time, you don't want them to get so much screen time. That said, in today's screen-filled world, setting limits on TV and video games for children isn't always easy. Here are 10 tips that parents should use to determine how much screen time for their children is fair.

Healthy way to use Electronic Gadgets

Before correcting children and setting discipline in them to limit screen time, it is necessary that as a parent you should have control on yourself. You should not be binge watching your favorite amazon prime or Netflix web series whole night and set a precedent for your children. Better to correct yourself on healthy use of electronic gadgets and then guide your children.

Educate Yourself on Electronics

As a parent it is very much important for you to be updated what goes in the world of technology. Children today are much faster in getting accustomed to new technology than their parents. Try to know what keeps your child glued to the screen of the smartphone or television. Try to understand what he/ she is watching or playing. It may happen that your child may be watching any restricted content or playing violent games which have negative ratings and in return will damage his/her health. Thus, be updated with the news going in the world of gaming and networking.

The discipline of “Technology-Free Zones”

Make a discipline that certain places of your house are technology free zone and there should be no use of any electronic gadgets unless necessary. You can take example of family dining together. While eating food, there should be a rule that no one can use any sort of electronic device to watch movies or play games or indulge in social media.

Time table of screen timing

Keep stringent rules inside the house on the discipline to use smartphones, playing video games and watching television. Children below 18 years of age should not be given personal smartphones. Make a rule that video games and watching television is permissible only for 1 hour or 2 hours in a day and not more than that. Check if your child is neglecting his/her studies because of watching television or playing videogames for longer duration. Make your child understand to not watch movies or play videogames after dinner at night.

The power of Locking system

To protect your children from viewing graphic content on the Internet and on TV, there are resources you can use. There are parental controls on most routers, web servers, and TVs that you can set up to filter or restrict inappropriate content. There are also built-in settings or applications that you can download that allow you to build content filters if your children have smartphones.

Encourage Other Activities

It's simple for children to become dependent on technology for entertainment with a wealth of applications, sports, tablets, and movies available just with the click of their fingertip. Encourage your child to look for activities that don't need a tablet to get involved. Creating interest in them to play outdoors, reading a book, or even pulling out an old board game is appreciated. It will also help to create (and enforce) a routine that is observed by everyone in your household. It can help to illustrate your preferences and will avoid arguments by making it transparent to your children when they are allowed on screens and when they are not.

Keep Your Child’s Bedroom Screen-Free

Children are very smart. They can be good in your face and can do the mischief at your back without getting noticed. This also happens when you put too many restrictions on them on viewing television or playing videogames. Children will secretly carry mobile phones to their room and watch movies or when you are not around them. Thus do not keep television or laptop in the bedroom of your child and also teach your child not watch movies at night for too long time on smart phones. Make sure that your child does not carry smartphone to his/her room.

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