August 31, 2021

What to do if my child has missed vaccination due to Lockdown (Covid pandemic)?


Child Vaccination during Covid times

As the situation goes towards normalization and lockdowns being relaxed, a lot of parents are worried about what can be done about the missed vaccines and how best to reschedule their child’s vaccination. In this situation we need to do a 'catch-up vaccination', to bring the vaccination routine back on track. Catch-up vaccination is the practice of giving a vaccine to one's who did not receive it at the recommended age. Sometimes a vaccine is missed because of various reasons. No matter what is the reason, it’s important to make up missed immunizations, to protect your child from diseases, which can cause severe illness and sometimes can be life-threatening.

Most of the time, your Paediatrician will just resume the vaccine schedule after minor adjustments. In reality, catch-up vaccination is quite a common practice wherein if your child has missed a vaccine, they can resume their vaccination schedule with some modification thereby preserving all the benefits of vaccination. There is no time limit for it and parents can consult their pediatrician anytime and re-start the schedule if they weren’t able to go out due to Covid.

The Indian academy of pediatrics (IAP) has recommendations on how to adjust the schedule in case a child has missed his vaccine dosage for a particular disease. If for any reason, your child gets additional doses of a vaccine, this is also not a concern.

Always bring your immunizations record with you to all of your child's office visits. Make sure the healthcare provider signs and dates every immunization. To avoid getting exposed to other patients, try to pre-fix appointments with your pediatrician and visit the clinic at a time when it's not crowded.

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