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Babies will yawn, burp, sneeze, cough, grunt, hiccup and all this is normal. When babies cry, it is their way of seeking attention for being hungry, thirsty, being in pain, being wet, feeling hot/cold, feeling bored, wanting to change position etc. Simple feeding and cuddling will help. Parents will slowly learn to understand what their baby is communicating.

During your parenting journey, many issues & questions will arise, some at odd hours. Baby Help team of experts are available to help you, no matter how trivial a question or issue you may have.
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New Born Baby
New Born Baby


Your baby will be vaccinated at regular intervals to boost their immune system. 

Post vaccination, it is normal for your baby to have mild injection site redness and swelling. Fever, irritation, crying and decreased appetite are also common and should resolve within 24 - 48 hours.

Baby Help team of experts can help you with your babies vaccination and post vaccination reactions. Feel free to contact us for any vaccination related queries or issues.
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Childhood Illness & Infections

As your baby grows they will be exposed to common illness like viral fever, cold, cough, stomach ache, diarrhea, ear infections, dengue, malaria, typhoid, urinary infection, jaundice, sprains & strains, etc. There is no cause of worry as these are part of natural growing and can be treated easily & effectively.

Get trusted advise from our team of experts for all common illness & infections.
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New Born Baby
New Born Baby

Child Nutrition

As your baby grows you may want to know when to start solid foods, should you feed readymade baby foods or go for home cooked food. Diet for a baby is different from that of a toddler, which again is different for elder grown up kids. Kids can be fussy as well with likes & dislikes.

At Baby Help, our expert Pediatric Nutritionist will advise you on all your queries and help to inculcate healthy eating habits for their long term health. 
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Child Development & Growth

There are distinct milestones for growth of Infants, Toddlers, Middle age children and Teenagers. Every child develops at their own pace. Childs development & growth can be categorized into physical, cognitive, language, socio-emotional development.

Baby Help team of experts help to keep track of your child's development & growth milestone. 
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New Born Baby
New Born Baby

Asthma & Allergy

Children can be allergic to allergens like pollen, dust, etc. which can cause sneezing, weezing, skin rashes, etc. Similarly asthma is cause when the airways and lungs get inflammed due to similar allergens. Kids can have either one or both of these. 

At Baby Help, Our team of experts can help to manage the asthma & allergy in your kids on a long term basis.
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Now you can consult with Dr. Sandip Gupta from the comfort of your home via video consultation. To book a video consultation appointment, just click the button below and fill in the required details. 
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